Bespoke event floristry for the meadow larks and wood nymphs among us.

Bespoke Floristry for the Meadow Larks and Wood Nymphs Among Us


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We Believe in wonder

Across cultures from time immemorial, we the human family have gathered and used flowering plants in our celebrations and life-cycle rituals, and we at Edges Wild are suckers for the enduring wisdom of this tradition. The way botanicals rest, germinate, grow, bloom, struggle, heal, and persist through sickness and health, plenty and want, offers itself in obvious ways to our meaning-making imagination, but beyond their ability to model the good life cycle for us, flowers stop us in our tracks with their sleepy-eyed fragrances, their fluttery dances in every updraft, their strange and angular particularity, and unexpected color transitions the likes of which our best painters work for years to achieve. They demand that we linger in the velvety now, and also that we accept its thorny complexity. They get at what poet Mary Oliver called “that wild, silky part of ourselves.” In short, they insist on wonder, and we insist that wonder, with its unapologetic and untamed edge, holds the power to sustain and move our communities forward in excellence, equity, and beauty…one dinner party at a time.


“Against the grain and leave the edges wild, come now child.” - Over The Rhine


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