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A bespoke event florist for the meadow larks and wood nymphs among us.
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Edges Wild Studio | Unique Organic Floral Design

 Catherine Smeader Photography

Catherine Smeader Photography

Against the grain
and leave the edges wild;
come now child.
— Over The Rhine

About The Studio

Our Sawyer Heights-based studio provides custom, full-service wedding florals for clients in the Houston TX area. We believe in using luxe blooms, vessels that speak to a thoughtfully-curated life, and design ideas that we develop based on the things in life that really make your heart sing. We love a good (antique) naturalist's journal, can never get enough of Anthropologie windows, and are botany and poetry nerds. Whoever you are, whatever you're celebrating, if that sounds up your alley, we're here to drape your buildings and speckle your hair with botanical charms. And as musical duo Over The Rhine has it, to leave the edges wild. 

About The people

That's Hannah Lowery in the above photo, owner and lead designer at Edges Wild. She's been an amateur horticulturist all her life, started working with flowers ten years ago, and draws on her background in visual arts and merchandising and display at Anthropologie for conceptual design and installation planning, and her six year career in management for the rest. Hannah and her team are living their dreams by doing this work, and she hopes that you find just as much delight in your finished flowers as she does in tending them all the way from distributor to tablescape. 

About The PrOCESS 

We absolutely love the first phase of listening and asking questions as you invite us into your vision for your event so that we can come up with a concrete plan for bringing the botany in. Once we've received your initial inquiry, we send you an event-specific questionnaire that will set the tone for the subsequent consultation where we'll meet, chat, geek out over inspiration photos, and put a finer point on the mood you hope to set. From there we move forward with event proposal development and finally on to contract once you are absolutely in love with our concept. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, you're going to be making some head-turning art with us!