The Studio and its Director


Edges Wild is the brainchild, day job, and daydream of Hannah Lowery, a lifelong botany nerd and mixed-media artist who is forever exploring the world through a process of deep attention-paying followed by creative synthesis, and brings twenty-plus years of study in painting, drawing, writing, dance, and 3-d art forms (with all of their collective insight into color, texture, storytelling and movement) to bear on her current medium and muse: floristry.

Hannah’s aesthetic sensibilities are a twinge left of center, and her working mantra, with thanks to her favorite band Over The Rhine, is “against the grain and leave the edges wild.” She has built the studio on this very aspiration, and is all-in on providing an alternative fine-art floral experience to her fellow humans who are on the lookout for something a little different.

The values at the core of every Edges Wild project are beauty, equity, excellence, and wonder. To this end, Hannah and her team work tirelessly to source materials as ethically and sustainably as possible, develop strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with colleagues and suppliers in the industry, and regularly create time to continue their technical education so that they can keep producing high-quality work that carries a lasting impact. They really, really love what they do, and two poets can sum up the driving force behind their efforts. First (excuse us while we indulge our inner romantic), we agree with Keats: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever, its loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness.” And furthermore, with O’Donohue, who says that “beauty enobles the heart, and reminds us of the infinitude within us.” If that strikes a chord with you too, welcome to our growing community of beauty seekers, meadow larks and wood nymphs. There’s always room for one more.


What it’s like to work with us

Booking Edges Wild starts with fun conversations. When we receive your inquiry, Hannah reaches out to greet you and supply you with the link to an online questionnaire that will give us a little bit of a window into who you are, what you need, and things that bring you delight. You have freedom to tell as much or as little of the story behind your event via this platform as you like, and your initial answers help us both dial back with thoughtful follow-up questions and ideas, and kick start the process of assessing our fit as collaborators.

We typically turn an initial custom estimate along with a beautiful visual mood board within 48 hours of collecting all the data we need, and from there, Hannah schedules either an in-person consultation if you are local to Houston (or a phone consult if you aren’t) to go over this proposal. Based on the scope and scale of your event and its timeline, a series of meetings and emails will follow to wrap up the conceptual planning phase, and then YOUR work is done and you can check flowers off your list. We’ll take it from here—you’re in good hands.

Hannah and the team coordinate with either you or your event planner for day-of information as the date draws near, and then bring their best behind-the-scenes hustle to actualize everything in your proposal and contract. You might catch a glimpse of us rolling up to the parking lot or loading bay in a big van or a box truck, and running around dressed in black and sporting waist aprons full of tools and clipped stems. Hannah is known to wear a black rancher hat to keep her fly-away curls under control on event day, so you can typically wave down the girl in the hat for anything you need, and you can always count on her giving you a hug and facilitating a group “deep breath!” to help you soak in the moment as your space is transformed into a personal wonderland. In the meantime, you can follow along on social media for glimpses into the process, and for everyday loveliness. We’ll see you there!