Houston Floral Designer | Edges Wild Studio
A bespoke event florist for the meadow larks and wood nymphs among us.



Design Philosophy

Against the grain and leave the edges wild, come now child.

- Over The Rhine

We specialize in an inventive sculpted-meets-the-wild style that draws on timeless principles of design and adapts them for the modern, forward-looking person. We use both specialty and foraged materials and let biomimicry lead our artistry. Do you have an eye for beauty and a bent for the slightly unusual? Us too. 


Our Aesthetic Muses



Sweet Mother Earth inspires our guiding principle: leave it all a little wild. When we arrange, we aim to recreate natural growth patterns, which means asymmetrical groupings, foraged twigs, an imperfect bloom or bug-eaten leaf here or there, attention to negative space, and depth. Whenever possible we use naturally-dyed ribbons and vintage elements, and tend to favor earthy and analogous color pallets.  




A strong sense of quirk and delight in unexpected detail anchors our artistry. We love hanging things from ceilings, seeming to defy gravity with installations, bringing the outdoors inside, and incorporating touches like tiny toadstools, James Audubon-inspired woodland animal sketches, Kracken bottles and blue crabs, entymology shadowboxes, cloches and vials, floating clouds, moons and stars, and myriad forms of twinkle lighting. Or name your literary theme: we might just be on board.




We are passionate advocates of loose and asymmetrical bouquets, trailing branches, and vines that follow either the natural curvature or impossible shape of the structures they grow over. We like for botanical art to interact well with every other visual component of an event, and be scaled and shaped appropriately to the space. It's always our goal to evoke a sense of aliveness, and allow for some wind-play. 


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