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A bespoke event florist for the meadow larks and wood nymphs among us.





The Silhouette Studio

The Silhouette Studio

We offer full service floral design for our wedding clients. We nuance your color scheme and texture palette to develop personals that elegantly complement your chosen environment and wardrobe. On site, we coordinate with your other vendors to capitalize on key surfaces throughout to make an absolute wonderland of the spaces in which your ceremony and reception take place, bringing visual coherence to separate venues if applicable.





For corporate promotion, branded photo shoots, and the like, we offer a la carte options on an ad hoc basis. Whether it be a large-scale installation piece to send a message to the general public, wow your patrons, or celebrate something amazing, talk us through your desired theme or ambiance, and we'll take that inspiration and run with it.   

Moody Dinner Party Flowers