We offer full service floral design (a custom collection of fresh floral art pieces and accessories plus delivery, setup and tear-down) for all of our wedding clients starting at $4,000. That minimum typically applies to parties of up to 150 guests, and is variable for guest lists over 150.

Every wedding is completely custom-built and custom quoted, as every venue has its own specifications and each vision requires a unique lineup of people, equipment, goods, and time to actualize. And since flowers, like food, are a delicate, perishable product, designs are completely hand-crafted by trained artisans in the days and hours leading up to your wedding. Our team touches every single stem many times in the multi-phase production of shaping a living media into the botanical sculptures you’ll carry, kiss underneath, and talk to your loved ones across the table over. And we absolutely love that process.

It’s important to us to make collections that are meaningful in specific (and often quirky) ways to our clients, so we always make time and space to hear about you and your story as we begin the planning cadence. From there we nuance your color scheme and texture palette to develop florals that complement your chosen environment and wardrobe, and coordinate with your other vendors to make an absolute wonderland out of the spaces in which your festivities will take place. For more details on where the process takes you from there, click here.



For corporate events, benefit dinners, private parties and the like, we offer a la carte options based on availability and fit. Whether you need a full ballroom’s worth of floral tablescapes or just a small collection of centerpieces, talk us through your desired theme or ambiance, and we'll take the inspiration and run with it. From a late spring retreat for the Women In Leadership institute at a national law firm to a community kitchen’s Game of Thrones themed fundraiser banquet, we have fallen in love with our independent projects, and remain ready and eager to facilitate community-building endeavors.

Moody Dinner Party Flowers


Some of our favorite undertakings are also for clients who have floral needs for branding and artistic development projects. Whether you’re looking to commission a large-scale installation piece for a big promotional event, request some accents for a photoshoot designed to debut your fashion label’s new seasonal collection, or coordinate fresh flowers for your store or restaurant’s new concept launch, we’re on it. Flowers are an emotional medium in that they tend to move those who come into contact with them, and their ability to change the tone in a room can be extraordinary.

Creating moments that stop people in their tracks is what we’re all about, and participating in generative work that supports other artists and businesses energizes us for life within our community. If a soulful partnership would meet your needs, we’d love to hear from you.

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Chasity Sereal black jumpsuit with bold orange bouquet