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Hehewutei + Mead: Riverboat Wedding

When Eric told me over the phone that Hehewutei’s favorite flower was the ghost orchid, an endangered epiphyte found primarily in Cuba and the Evergaldes, I said “well these are my kind of people.” And they were: thoughtful naturalists, artists, and loving caretakers of mother earth. We made a ghost orchid look-alike from a cymbidium for Hehewutei’s hair, and sourced a host of locally grown ferns to create an indoor woodland clearing with as much of a sense of sacred space as possible for her intimate wedding to Mead.

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Carisa + James: Art Deco Influenced Wedding at The Astorian

I met Carisa at Anthropologie during an Edges Wild pop-up event. Between the environment in which we crossed paths and the conversation we had about her upcoming wedding, we found ourselves on the same aesthetic wavelength, and never looked back. This was one of my favorite weddings to date to produce: an art deco twist on the modern romantic. In Carisa’s own words, we were aiming for “elegant, but a little undone.” I think we hit it.

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